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the mission of

transit now nashville

Our mission is to engage the Nashville community to promote a vibrant transit system.


the shared goals of

our board members

Each board member has different reasons for serving Transit Now Nashville. However, common goals keep us focused on our mission. Below are the goals we agree to dedicate our time and efforts to achieve.

  • Educate the Community to Increase Ridership

  • Advocate for Transit System Improvements and Expansion


TNN Board


Communications Chair

Vice President



Development Chair


Programing Chair



Emery Hartz

Eric Hoke

Adam Nicholson

Jarrett Strickland

Elizebeth Tarnow

Mary Vavra

Mason Worthington

Ron Yearwood

Community Partnerships

The purpose of TNN’s partnerships are to maintain communication and build our capacity to address transit in our community. Our partners help with:

  • Annual Strategy Meetings to coordinate efforts throughout the year. 

  • Partner on events and outreach.

  • Participate in monthly meetings to provide updates on organizational events/community tasks.

  • Present your organizations background annually to demonstrate how our organizations are interconnected to new members.